The Bogdahn Group and Thistle Asset Consulting Join Forces

About The Bogdahn Group

The Bogdahn Group is an independent, registered investment consulting firm. We serve as a fiduciary to each of our clients while assisting them in making important investment and retirement plan decisions.

Our Mission: To represent the sole interest of our clients by redefining independence.

Our Vision: To be a transformational organization viewed by our clients as the pinnacle of client service by providing innovative ideas, and independent, straight forward solutions.

Our Services

The Bogdahn Group delivers customized services to meet each client’s unique needs. Our core services represent a strong foundation for client relationships. We offer a full range of investment consulting services for all types of institutional plans including defined contribution, deferred compensation, defined benefit, non-qualified, OPEB, VEBA, operating reserves and endowment and foundations.


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  • The Bogdahn Group and Thistle Asset Consulting Join Forces
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